Rise of Nations Rise of Legends

Rise of Nations Rise of Legends

Rise of Nations: Rise of Legends is a strategy game developed by Big Huge Games
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Rise of Nations: Rise of Legends is a real-time strategy genre videogame developed by Big Huge Games (designed by Brian Reynolds, designer of Civilization II and Alpha Centauri) and published by Microsoft Games Studios. This is the sequel to the popular Rise of Nations saga. Opposed to the previous game of the series Thrones & Patriots which is based on the real history, this is based on the fictitious world of Aio.

The plot: The entire story of the game takes place in the world of Aio, which is divided into 3 civilizations which the player can control: The Vinci, The Alin and The Cuótl, they will compete for the control of the planet, each one possesses unique technologies, The Alin are united but besieged by corrupt geniuses, The Vinci only share the technology used to destroy themselves and The Cuótl are a breed which was presumed extinct until the game events occurred.
Each of these three factions offer a completely different gaming experience. So while the Alin uses robots and aircraft, The Vinci, have the power to invoke fearsome creatures like dragons. The third side, the Cuótl which are extraterrestrial able to use both magic and technology, but with limitations.

While this game brings no real news to the genre, it manages to offer a perfect fusion of many of the characteristics of other games such as borders and modular cities of StarCraft, the city management of Civilization or resource management and the troops manufacture method from Age of Empires.

Discontinued by the developer.

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